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Toric Contact lenses

Toric Contact lenses are made from the same materials as regular contact lenses and can be soft or rigid gas permeable lenses. The only difference between the two is its design factor.

Toric lenses are built with two powers. They have curvatures at different angles, one for astigmatism and the other for treating myopia and hyperopia. It also has a system whereby the contact lens remains relatively stable on the cornea when you blink. This absence of rotation on the eye provides a better and crisper vision.

There are several brands of soft toric lenses available today. You have to ask your eye practitioner for the lens best suited to your eye. Torics just like soft contact lenses are available in frequent replacement schedules, disposable and even daily disposables. Even toric silicone hydrogel for 30-day wear are now available in the market.

Moreover, toric lenses are found in many colors that are designed to change or enhance the color of the eye. Most colored toric lenses are non-disposable including the multi-focal torics that correct prebyopia. It is best to visit and consult an eye care specialist before deciding on which lens is good for you.

The toric lenses are often more costly than other regular types of contact lenses. This is because properly fitting a toric lens requires more time and expertise. However, the lenses, themselves do not cost more than normal spherical lenses.

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