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Top ten reasons to get contact lenses

  1. The first and primary and the most important reason select contact lenses over glasses is that they offer better vision. There is no distortion and nor is there a loss of peripheral vision, that commonly occurs in eyeglasses.
  2. It is a much better option, especially for sportspersons who are not hindered by the additional appendage created by the eyeglasses. Contact lenses does away with nuisances of glasses fogging up, slipping down due to perspiration etc. Moreover, it is also easier to get protective eyewear required in racquet and close sports in order to protect from injury.
  3. With contact lenses you can all kinds of beautiful, trendy and expensive sunglasses without having to worry about changing the lens. Also, there is no inconvenience of switching between eyeglasses and sunglasses.
  4. Some contact lenses can even correct your vision while you sleep. This allows you to be free of glasses or contacts during the day.
  5. Contact lenses do not come in your way, they do not cloud or fog up, neither are they a problem when it is raining.
  6. With contact lenses, especially the 30-day silicone hydrogel lenses, you can eliminate the need for cumbersome surgery.
  7. You can wear all kinds of coloured contact lenses and highlight your eyes and face.
  8. Contact lenses do not put weight on your face nose or leave a dent on your nose. They are convenient and easy to use.
  9. You never have to worry about fashion trends and changes. Contact lenses are always in fashion.
  10. Once you have your contact lenses, you will never have to worry about misplacing your eyeglasses!
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