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Right age to wear contact lenses

It is important to first check with your eye care professional who will help you determine what the right age to wear contact lenses is. Ultimately, since you are going to be wearing the contact lenses, it is you will be responsible for caring for your lenses. If you feel you can take on the responsibility and onus of wearing and caring for your lenses, only then should you go ahead with the idea. There are many types of contact lenses, choosing the one that best suits your needs and prescription.

Since contact lenses are regulated medical devices, there are some risks that make proper care essential. The cornea of the eye is a unique tissue, free from veins, allowing it to derive oxygen fro the air and the tear film on the eye. However, this tear film combined with the thin plastic covering of a contact lens creates a fertile environment for potentially harmful bacteria, which could lead to infection. Proper cleaning, rinsing and disinfection of your lens, upon removal and insertion is therefore a must.

Thus, you have to prove that you will be responsible for the wearing and replacement schedule or your eye-care professional is not likely to prescribe contact lenses to you.

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