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Comparing Online Prices

The Internet offers us an excellent option to purchase contact lenses online. There are several online contact lens sellers all catering to different tastes and styles. It is first imperative to thoroughly research the website of the potential retailers and wholesales before taking an informed decision. Even when a website looks credible, it's sometimes hard to know who is behind it.

Internet contact lens sellers include large, publicly traded companies to smaller ones with no full-time staff. Although smaller operators may publicize attractive prices on their websites, they may not offer the service and selection you're looking for. Some hardly have a well built stock and may have to source out lenses from the manufacturer only after you place an order.

It is also important to compare prices from Internet contact lens sellers by using price-comparison websites such as BizRate, MySimon, Froogle and Yahoo! Shopping. Entering a brand name will pull up listings with prices, as well as links to the seller. Price comparisons are essential as they introduce to sellers that you would have not normally found. Also, they include reviews which will help you to take better decisions.

However, in such a search you must remember that all sellers may not be included and the listings may not reflect recent price changes, specials and promotions or availability. The per-box prices listed usually reflect high-volume discounts such as for a yearly supply. Thus if you are only ordering a three-month supply, you might end up paying a higher per-box price than what's shown on the price-comparison site. Also, often price comparisons are harder as they include rebates and sometimes these sites don't allow you to compare shipping costs, which may vary significantly.

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