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Colored Soft Contact Lenses

Colored soft lenses are not only fashionable and trendy, they are also often used for their practicality. Typically, there are four types of colored contact lenses and each one of theses has a special advantage.


Some colored contact lenses are lightly tinted, allowing you the benefit of spotting the lens easily if you happen to drop them or lose them. Such tints are called visibility tints as they are only meant for discernment rather than affecting the color of the eyes.


Some colored contact lenses have a translucent tint that is used to enhance the natural eye color of your eyes. These highlight the eyes and are slightly darker than a visibility tint.


Some colored contact lenses are tinted darker and are of a more opaque nature. These serve to actually alter the color of your eyes. Color tints come in a wide range of colors such as blue green, violet etc.


Light filtering colored lenses are special in that they are mainly used by athletes and sports professionals to enhance certain colors and mute others. For instance, contact lenses for tennis players would enhance the color of the tennis ball making it more obviously noticeable amongst it surroundings.

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