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Bifocal Contact Lenses

As people get older they are likely to be afflicted by a condition called presbyopia, wherein the eyes are unable to focus on incoming light. This malady reduces the flexibility of the eye muscles, which leads to insufficient vision at close distances. Patients suffering from presbyopia are thus unable to read the newspapers or books.

There are many contact lens designs to correct different vision correction problems. Bifocal contact lenses are a complete solution to correct the problem of presbyopia, as they add an extra layer for vision correction, which allows the user to focus on and see objects that are nearby more clearly. Bifocal lenses also have a far vision layer and are available in several designs types such as altering, concentric and the simultaneous design.

In the altering bifocal contact lens, the far and near corrective layers of the contact lens are completely different from the other. The near correction layer is at the bottom of the contact lens.

In the concentric bifocal contact lenses, the far and near layers of the contact lens are arranged in concentric rings, wherein the central ring if for near vision and the outermost ring is for distance vision.

In the simultaneous bifocal contact lenses, both layers are at the center of the ring

Before you decide which bifocal contact lens to wear it is advisable that you visit an ophthalmologist or related eye care professional for a professional diagnosis.

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