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About Contact lenses - Facts and Fiction

In today's era of technology in the eye-care industry combined with fashion, people prefer to wear contact lenses rather than spectacles to correct their vision. The popularity of new and advanced contact lenses is on the rise, but during this development, several myths have been born that may lead to certain apprehensions. We have tried to clear the cobwebs of the fiction and myths that surround the use of contact lenses.

It is believed that children cannot wear contact lenses. The truth is that contact lenses can be worn regardless of age. There is nothing like the right age to wear lenses. Any child can use the contact lens if he is able to look after it.

Another myth surrounding contact lenses is that constant use can lead to infection. If the lenses are taken care of and cleaned before use and after removal there is no likelihood of infection.

One fear that a lot of people have is that contacts can get lost behind the eye. This is a complete myth as it is physically impossible for the contacts to get lost behind your eye. Your lens cannot go beyond the front surface of the eye.

Another related fear is that the contact lens can fall of they eye. This is only possible in hard lenses but in case of soft lenses, the contacts stay stuck firmly under the eyelids, which make it impossible for them to move or fall out of the eye.

While people believe that it is not safe to wear contact lenses during sports, the contrary really is what is followed. Contact lenses are good for sports persons, as it provides a peripheral and wider field of vision without any obstruction. However contact lenses cannot be worn for water sports.

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