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The market is flooded with different types of contact lenses. The last quarter of the century has seen tremendous advances in the industry and the development of several types of contact lenses suitable for all kinds of people and environments.

Today, we have progressed from the soft contact lenses that were originally made to mould and fit the eye to diverse kinds like semi-rigid, hard, extended wear, coloured and even disposable lenses. There are even lenses with ultra-violet light blacking features. These are used to prevent the formation of cataracts by disallowing exposure to excessive and harmful UV light.

To be able to get the most value from your purchase of contact lenses, one must be aware of which contact lens is best suited for you. These depend on the appropriateness of the lens for your eye, price variations as well as cosmetic considerations.

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Special Effects Contact Lenses

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Right age to wear lenses

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